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Welcome to Sussex Community Seed Bank.

We believe that it is every human being’s right to be able to save their own seed, as our ancestors have done for thousands of years. This right can only be achieved through the use of open- pollinated varieties which breed true to type year after year, as nature has always done. The more commonly used F1 Hybrids do not breed true to type year after year because the seed companies retain the two parents that have produced the F1 Hybrid and consequently we cannot save that seed but have to purchase new seed every year from the seed companies.

We believe to achieve local sustainable food security we need local sustainable seed security which can only be achieved through the use of open pollinated varieties.

Our mission is:

• To show how to save open-pollinated seeds.
• To encourage the forming of seed saving groups.
• To share ideas about what grows well in our local area.
• To share the seed harvest.
• To develop resilience in the individual and the local community.
• To ensure local sustainable food security through local seed security
• To encourage a national network of community seed-banks.

An Introduction - Part 1